We stand by our work! Mold remediation and sewage cleanup projects include verification air samples or ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) swabs collected after every remediation project. This ensures that the remediation process was successful and that the house or buildings air quality is back to safe levels and suitable for occupancy. WE WILL NEVER CONDUCT OUR OWN TESTING! The verification inspection and sampling are conducted by a non-biased independent hygienist and are analyzed by a non-biased independent laboratory. What this means is that when DryMaxx Ohio, Inc. leaves, the house or building's air will be "cleaner" than the day it was built and we'll stand behind our work.

Has your home or business sustained moderate to severe damage in a disaster such as a storm, or flood? We will restore your building or property as quickly as possible.

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From estimate to completion, every step of a project is handled by our team of professionals with one goal in mind: your satisfaction and piece of mind!


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Mold can be costly, difficult to remove, and dangerous for your health. Improperly handled water damage can lead to mold.

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Disaster Recovery
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Water damage can immediately wreak havoc on your property. That damage can also become a health hazard and lead to mold problems. 

Foul odors and smoke quickly destroy property to an extent that not much else can. We at DryMaxx Ohio, Inc. understand that you and your loved ones are going through a difficult time.

Our team includes professionals who are certified for:

Water Damage Restoration

Applied Structural Drying

Applied Microbial Remediation

We offer a wide range of environmental restoration services that can be customized to meet your needs. Our team works directly with you and your team to come to the best solution for your home, business, or commercial needs.

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If a sewage backup occurs at your home or business, contact help immediately. This isn’t a job for you to tackle alone.



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